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Gaining Instant Answers & Insights From Your Contracts and Documents

Monday, September 14th - 12:00 PM ET/ 5:00 PM BST

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For legal teams and corporations, AI has transformed the way they extract information from contracts and related documents, reducing tedious, manual review and enabling them to spend more time on higher-value work for their clients or stakeholders. This has been a major evolution, but it only scratches the surface. Within the provision, clause, and data point itself lies a wealth of information waiting to be consumed. What if you could ask your most pressing questions to your contracts and get an instant answer?

Kira helps get the answers you need, instantly

On Monday, September 14th at 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST, we will be showcasing Kira’s latest capability that goes beyond identifying and extracting provisions, clauses, and data points, by interpreting this data and providing decision-makers in firms and organizations with the answers to their most pressing questions, instantly. 

Hear from Dr. Catriona Wolfenden, Partner and Innovation Manager at Weightmans and Natalie Munroe, Head of Osler Works - Transactional at Osler on how their firm has leveraged Answers & Insights to further streamline the contract review process and make faster, smarter decisions and recommendations to their clients and businesses. 

Dr Catriona Wolfenden
Partner and Innovation Manager at Weightmans
Natalie Munroe
Head of Osler Works, Transactional

Joey Benedek
Senior VP Product at Kira Systems

Jennifer Tsai
Legal Knowledge Engineering at Kira Systems

Bryan Smith
Senior Product Manager at Kira Systems

Join the session to learn about:

  • Kira’s latest feature release, Answers & Insights - coupled with a live demonstration

  • How to train Kira’s Quick Study to ask their own unique business questions without any developer skills

  • A research study use case on leveraging Kira Answers & Insights for bankruptcy filing review

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